C2 acclimatization

I was one night in C1 and two nights in C2 on 5540m. Hike toward C3 5700m. But, it was deep snow and I must come back. But who thinks over 8000, that is not enough.

At night You can hear avalanches. Scared does it Yours?

Now I am in BC, in very good condition.


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C1 acclimatization

I was in C1 and slipping for two nights for adaptation to high altitude it was very deep snow. In C1 nearly 1m. With the grace of strength of four young and good people who made the path, we reach C1 at 3 PM.

This was: Sajid Ali Sadpara, son of Ali Sadpara died at K2, Shehrose Kashif youngest 10×8000, Alina Popkova from Moscow. Amit from India

We planned to go to C2 but not possible. I had two wonderful days. My sherpa Thenzyng made me mountain medicine: tea of chopped ginger, garlic, and salt. This gives me good energy.

Now two-day rest in BC.

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Base camp arrival

I arrived in BC at 4300m from Dana at 1440 m.

Just for 10min almost 3000 m.

Only five days from home. It was good weather in the early morning from 6 to 10 AM BC on the small snow.

The pilot was Simone Moro I made with him many selfies. Now I am in good condition Good lunch, a good appetite

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